We co-manage treatment of eye diseases and surgeries such as LASIK and cataracts with Vistar Eye Center.  They have several locations throughout southwestern Virginia.


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The majority of eye diseases begin with no obvious signs or symptoms, and can only be detected during a comprehensive eye exam. Even when vision is good, adults need regular eye care so that eye diseases can be caught early, when they can be more successfully treated. People with diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, or a family history of glaucoma or retinal disease are especially at risk.
Many eye diseases can go undetected because there are no noticeable symptoms. Our new retinal digital imagery allows us to monitor the changes in your eye health and ensure that you are seeing your best for a long time.This documentation of eye disease can also be shared with other eye physicians and surgeons to help coordinate your eye health care.
Children as young as six months old should have their eyes examined for signs of eye muscle problems or abnormal vision development. Students especially need a comprehensive eye health and vision examination every year to ensure good performance in school. It is also recommended that adults have eye exams on a annual basis to check for a glasses prescription and rule out ocular or systemic health issues.